About JS

JS Carpentry & Contracts is one of Singapore's fastest growing carpentry and renovation contractor. We are constantly among the best renovation contractors and best carpentry firms in Singapore.


14,000 square feet. Close to 70 carpenters. A squadron of coordinators. Over 100 industry partners. More than 15,000 satisfied customers and growing.

We had our beginnings in a Hindu cemetery at Geylang Lorong 3 more than 60 years ago. Over the years, we found a niche set of customers in an overcrowded industry where we know we are at our best.

They are customers who want to work with a carpenter directly, customers who want a licensed renovation contractor with a proven track record, and customers who do not need a middleman like an interior designer because they already know exactly what they want.

JS Carpentry & Contracts started as a simple carpentry workshop with only 4 workers and evolved into a full service renovation company with hundreds of projects each year thanks to great pricing, good service and well-built carpentry.

Our carpentry workshop is the backbone of our operation. The production space currently houses 54 workstations and we have close to 70 carpenters. We are a certified Blum Partner and a qualified Häfele Studio Partner.

We can build anything from shoe cabinets to kitchens, tv consoles to wardrobes, study desks to storage platforms and loft beds to mezzanine platforms. And we build them your way!

We work with plywood and laminates, and we are equally comfortable working with solid timber and veneers. You want acrylic finish? Glass fronts? A waterproof cabinet? No problem! Your options are limitless!

If you think you are a customer for us, just let us know what you have in mind, and we will let you know how much your carpentry will cost at direct workshop rates, without the interior designer or builder markup.

We are an experienced full service renovator. The founding members of JS Carpentry & Contracts have a combined renovation experience of more than 50 years. We are registered with both BCA, the Building and Construction Authority, and HDB, the Housing Development Board as a registered renovation contractor. Our team of coordinators will be able to help you with your residential or commercial renovation projects, big or small.

We have renovated entire HDB flats, condominium apartments and landed properties. From demolition of walls to tiling, from electrical to false ceiling, painting to wallpaper, plastering to glass cladding, we got you covered.

Our commercial projects include fitting out the Quarters hostel, some of Mr Prata's restaurants, the Hipvan's Experience Center at Cathay and Xpressflower's various outlets around the island, just to name a few.


If you are already inspired, and know what you want for your space, we are perfect for you! 

It starts with you showing us photos that inspires you or drawings of features you want. We will then take what you have communicated with us, and we will fit your requirements into your space. With the wonders of modern technology, we will be able to show you to-scale 3D line drawings, and come up with plans to show you how we can make your space a reality!

This service is already included in our price.

Middlemen such as interior designers, architects and builders need to mark up 20-30% or more on carpenter's rates to earn a profit. Working directly with us allows you to save both money and time to spend on other important things.

You will have a final outcome that is indistinguishable from the run-of-the-mill interior designers. Your friends will not know unless you tell them.


We have a large workshop, a materials library and fully decked up showroom! Find out more about us in person!

Check for yourself the quality materials that we use. Examine the workmanship of our carpentry built for clients before you.

Come look at our projects board and see where all our ongoing projects are in Singapore. Have a sense of how many neighbors are smart as you in engaging us.

Come check out our Materials Library and ask us any questions you may have about carpentry or anything about the renovation process.

Come experience our 2 bedder mockup condo showroom. We have a room full of toys for your kids to entertain themselves. We promise no one leaves disappointed.

And fellow Singaporeans, we didn't forget an equally important thing: free parking!

Before you pop by, do make an appointment so we can make sure someone will be around to attend to you. Drinks on us! We hope to see you soon!


We care for you & the environment.

Many studies have been carried out establishing links between living spaces and health, as well as the impact on the environment by the materials used in building, construction and renovation industries.

Like you, we are concerned about sustainability of the planet, climate change, and the health risks posed to our clients who occupy the spaces we help build and to our workers who are constantly exposed to all these materials day-in and day-out in our carpentry workshop.

Products such as plywoods and blockboards, paint, adhesives, sealants, veneers and laminates among many common materials can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde that causes many health problems including cancer.

So for our clients' sake and ours, and for the environment, we support our Government's initiatives to go green. While not every supplier and products available in the market are green, we actively source and present products and suppliers to you that have Green Labels and Singapore Green Building Product Labels for you to make informed decisions. We have these products' catalogues and samples in our Materials Library.

The Singapore Green Labelling Scheme was launched in May 1992 by the Singapore Environment Council and the Singapore Green Building Products was launched in January 2011 by Singapore Green Building Council to endorse and certify industrial and consumer products that have less undesirable effects on our environment and our health.

All Green Label products and all Singapore Green Building Products can be found under their respective directories here and here. These products will have the eco-labels prominently printed on their product catalogues.