We get a lot of questions about who we are, what we do and how we work. Here are the answers to some of the most common queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between engaging an ID firm and engaging JS Carpentry & Contracts?

The difference is about 20-30% off their carpentry quotes and we do not propose design ideas, generally. We can prepare plans and drawings but you'll have to show us reference photos and tell us what ideas you have for your space. Customers who choose to work directly with carpenters or renovation contractors like us will have to take the on the responsibility of the majority of design decisions.

What service does JS Carpentry & Contracts provide?

JS Carpentry & Contracts provides quality custom built-in carpentry and full renovation service of residential, commercial and retail spaces. We are carpenters, a direct contractor and a renovation company.

We like what we have seen so far. How do we begin?

Simply contact us and we will assign a coordinator to attend to you, answers all queries you have, and provide you an obligation-free quotation.

I am recommended to JS Carpentry & Contracts by a friend, do I get preferential treatment?

Yes. We get a lot of enquiries every month. If you have been referred by an existing or former client, let us know and we will prioritize your enquiry.

Can we choose to only engage JS Carpentry & Contracts for its carpentry services?

Yes. You may choose to engage JS Carpentry & Contracts for only our carpentry services. If you are doing full renovation, do ask for a renovation quote from us as well. There is no obligation and many clients have found our renovation quotations to be very competitive!

Where can I steal good ideas from?

You can steal good ideas for your home through apps such as Pinterest and Qanvast, from the Internet and local interior design magazines such as Lookbox Living, Squarerooms and Tatler Homes.

Can we choose our own coordinator?

Yes. If you already have a coordinator of ours in mind, just let us know.

We are not comfortable with our assigned coordinator. Can we request for a change?

Yes. We understand that sometimes the assigned coordinator attending to you may not be the right fit. Just let us know and we will arrange another person to attend to your enquiry.

I am getting keys soon but am disappointed that there is no promotion catered to my development. Can something be done about it?

We can probably whip up a promotion for your development if you let us know at least 3 months in advance.

Why is there a minimum contract sum?

We have a minimum contract sum policy of $3K. The reason is because we operate on small margins and we need to cover costs and remuneration of the coordinator attending to you. If your enquiry does not meet the minimum contract amount, we may impose a small delivery fee or regretfully reject your job.

What kind of jobs does JS Carpentry & Contracts accept? What kind of services does JS not provide?

We accept carpentry only jobs, minor renovation works, and full renovation works. We do not provide repair or modification services for existing carpentry, or handyman type of service.

Should I make an appointment to visit your workshop/office/show unit?

Yes, an appointment is preferred. The reason is because our coordinators are frequently out at project sites to make sure projects are running smoothly. To make sure someone is around to attend to you, please let us know that you are coming to avoid disappointment.

Are you open on Sundays?

We are open on Sundays only for clients who has made an appointment in advance and if a coordinator is available to attend to you.

What kind of drawings does JS Carpentry & Contracts provide?

JS Carpentry & Contracts provide Sketchup 3D line drawings that are drawn to scale. There are no additional charges for these drawings. Please contact us if you need to see a sample.

Can I request for 3D photorealistic renders?

Yes, we can provide 3D photorealistic renders for a fee.

Why is JS Carpentry & Contracts not the cheapest?

JS Carpentry & Contracts offers direct workshop rates at price points where we are confident that the quality is decent and the service acceptable. A workshop can always offer lower rates by cutting corners and scrimping on materials but we will not to go down that route.

What is the delivery lead time?

It depends on the current jobs awaiting production. For most parts of the year, it takes about 2 weeks from the confirmation of design, materials and configuration to delivery. However, during peak seasons, it may take up to 3-4 weeks. Please check with us for the latest updates on the current delivery lead time.

What are the accepted modes of payment?

We accept PayNow via UEN, bank transfer, cheques and cash in the order of preference. Please view our payment page for bank details.

What are your payment terms?

The payment terms depend on the size of your project. Whether it is for carpentry or renovation projects, we have a progressive payment term that is fair to both parties.

What is your bank account number?

Please view our payment page for bank details.

Do you provide installment plans?

We provide installment plans through our banking partners. We do not provide in-house installment plans.

What does your warranty cover?

For details, please visit our warranty page.

How do I book a warranty service?

You may request a warranty service through our enquiry hotline 9488 5077. We have detailed the process on our service request page.

Where can I leave a review?

For feedback, compliments and reviews, you may do so on our Google Business Page or on our Facebook.

Still have a burning question?

Email us at hello@jscarpentry.com.sg or contact us at 9488 5077 with your question and we will try to answer you.